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Half-ball valve

Hemispherical valve, is to solve the solution and pulp and other two-phase mixed flow media transport technology developed and developed a new type of valve.

I. Straight-through: one-way seal and eccentric structure, open the ball and the valve body phase separation, flow through, there will be no card, blocking phenomenon.

II. Convenient switch: when opening and closing, the spherical surface and the valve body are separated from each other without any contact, the torque is small, the rotation is flexible, the shearing action of the semi-spherical valve seat at the time of opening and closing can cut away the scale and adhesion on the sealing surface, Sealed tightly.

III. Sealing surface of the eccentric structure so that the spherical surface can automatically compensate for wear and tear, maintaining the valve seal, long life, safe and reliable.

IV. Valve is a hard seal structure, seal pair according to different media, using different wear-resistant alloy material, but also has a hard wear resistance and the corresponding corrosion resistance.