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Large-Diameter Non-Rising Soft Seal Gate Valve

Item No.: 9
Gate valve is one of the commonly used cut-off valve, mainly used to connect and cut off the media in the pipeline, not suitable for regulating the flow of media. The pressure, temperature and caliber range of gate valve are great.


1. Gate valve with a soft seal to form a soft seal, the rate of leakage is zero, to ensure water supply safety.
2. The bottom of the valve body without sluice, smooth and smooth flow resistance is small, to avoid accumulation of debris due to the sluice gate, resulting in sluggish gate closure caused by water supply failure.
3. Seal Vice structure is reasonable, no radial friction, the operating torque is small (especially when open), long service life.
4. Body, bonnet with self-sealing pressure.

Gate Valve Installation And Maintenance:
1. Gate valve should be installed straight, under special circumstances can be tilted gate valve installed.
2. Handwheel, rotating mechanism are not allowed to use lifting, and no collision.
3. The actual installation should be read before using instructions.