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Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve

Item No.: 2
Wafer-type butterfly valve for temperature ≤ 120 ° C, nominal pressure ≤ 1.6Mpa food, medicine, chemicals, petroleum, electricity, textile, paper and other water supply and drainage, gas pipeline for regulating flow and interception of the role of medium.
Scope of application:
Suitable for all flow conditions, controlling all fluids.

a. small and lightweight, simple structure, compact, easy to disassemble.
B. fluid characteristics tend to be linear, good regulation performance.
C. Operating torque, light and labor-saving, 90 ° open quickly.
d. To achieve a complete seal, gas leak test to zero.
e. Long service life, open tens of thousands of times intact.
f. can be any position, any angle installation.

Can be used in water supply and drainage, petrochemical, water conservancy, hydropower, electricity, smelting, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, papermaking, shipbuilding, energy, fire and other systems, and all non-corrosive gases, liquids, semi--fluid lines.To the role of regulation and closure.


Wafer butterfly valve installation diagram:

D71X-0.6     D71X-0.6      D71X-0.6   

Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve Connection Size
           1.0                   1.0                     1.0

D71X-0.6         D71X-0.6          D71X-0.6
           1.6Q                1.6Q                  1.6Q