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metal seal Butterfly Valve

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Hard seal butterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is a simple structure of the control valve, but also can be used for low pressure pipeline medium switch control. Hard seal butterfly valve in the pipeline from the main cut off and throttling effect.
Used for water supply and drainage, power plants, coking, gas and other corrosive gases, liquids, media regulation and interception.

a. The valve plate is adjustable ring and the body composition, long-term use can not achieve the sealing effect, the adjustable valve plate can be adjusted, the adjustable ring damage can be replaced.
b. When the body seal is damaged, it can be replaced, reducing the loss and reducing the cost.
c. The sealing surface of the valve plate adopts the spherical surface. The sealing ring will not be damaged during the opening and closing process due to the expansion of its own outer diameter. This product is mainly used on the pipeline with high temperature.

When signing the contract must indicate the use of temperature, media and sealing performance which level in line with national standards.


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