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Soft Seal Partial Hemisphere Ball Valve

Model: PBQ347X-10 (manual eccentric hemisphere valve)
Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa
Shell test pressure: 1.5Mpa
Seal test pressure: 1.1MPa
Suitable temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Suitable medium: raw water, water, sewage
Connection Type: Double flange connect
Product performance standards
a, CJ / T283-2008 "eccentric hemisphere valve"
b, GB / T12221-1989 "flange connection metal valve structure length"
c, GB / T17241.6-1998 "The whole cast iron pipe flange"
d, GB / T13927-1992 "general valve pressure test"
e, GB / T17219-1998 "drinking water distribution equipment and protective materials safety evaluation criteria"

Working principle
The ball (an eccentric hemisphere disposed in the valve chamber) is driven by the upper shaft to rotate around the upper shaft and the lower shaft at 90 ° C. When turning clockwise, the ball enters the seat. In the role of the eccentric, the ball to the seat pressure, to seal the valve closed; counterclockwise rotation, the role of the eccentric, the ball quickly from the seat, rotating 90 ℃ to fully open, water loss close to zero.

Product technical performance characteristics
1, The valve is suitable for medium and low pressure pipeline such as water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and electric power. It is especially suitable for cut-off and throttling in the pipeline of fluid medium containing impurities and granular debris.
2, the use of double eccentric structure, the use of eccentric wedge tight seal to achieve the closure and opening, in order to achieve a reliable seal than the pressure and quickly open.
3, due to the eccentric structure, the sealing sphere of all points on the rotating radius is different, when closed, the sealing valve seat more off the more tight, forming a sufficient pressure than the seal, two-way sealing effect is excellent.
4, the valve with a full circular straight-through, open for the whole circulation structure, with good liquidity and linear adjustment performance.
5, the long process of its use, after wear, by adjusting the ring pressure sleeve, seal spherical equivalent forward, you can get a new seal.
6, the valve in use, the operating force is only acting on the valve opening or closing angle is very small, open when the operating pressure decreases with the seal pressure decreases rapidly, the sealing surface tends to wear-free.
7, circular runner, fully open in the valve after the full cross-section, the bottom of the circular streamline structure, sediment debris will be taken away as the media flow. In the closing process, can be removed on the sealing surface of the dirt, without affecting the seal.
8, the valve shaft with the upper and lower half shaft design, with a self-lubricating sleeve, the valve opening process, friction resistance, opening and closing flexible, unique O-ring, floating shaft seal instead of the original butterfly valve Packing seal, to solve the fill seal in the valve opening process easy to wear problems.
9, Transmission:
(1) The transmission mechanism has enough strength to withstand the required torque to ensure the stability of the valve core opening and closing.
(2) With stop and opening indicators for opening and closing.
(3) Transmission can withstand twice the rated torque. Worm gear housing is fully enclosed waterproof. ]
(4) handwheel made of ductile iron, is removable, the operating direction clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open. Indicate the opening and closing directions on the handwheel. The surface of the hand wheel is smooth, no burrs, nodules, pits and other surface quality defects.

The main part name Material
Body Ductile iron
Valve Axis Stainless steel 2Cr13
Axis Guide Copper alloy
Crown Ductile iron
Ball Seal, O-ring Nitrile rubber
DN D D1 D2 b Z-φd
200 340 295 266 20 8-φ23
250 395 350 319 22 12-φ23
300 445 400 370 24.5 12-φ23
350 505 460 429 24.5 16-φ23
400 565 515 480 24.5 16-φ28
450 615 565 530 25.5 20-φ28
500 670 620 582 26.5 20-φ28
600 780 725 682 30 20-φ31
700 895 840 794 32.5 24-φ31
800 1015 950 901 35 24-φ34
900 1115 1050 1001 37.5 28-φ34
1000 1230 1160 1112 40 28-φ37
1200 1455 1380 1328 45 32-φ40

Valve Installation Precautions
1, Before installation, clean the valve, remove dirt and rust, and check whether the valve mark and usage (water flow direction) are consistent.
2, the valve upstream and downstream side of the pipe nozzle exposed concrete wall length, generally not less than 300mm.
3, the valve is installed, the flow direction and the body cast on the same medium.
4, the valve installed outside the pipe to check its opening instructions and the actual situation of the valve plate is the same, the opening and closing is in place. Available manual observation.
5, valve installation baseline deviation from the center of the building axis, generally not more than ± 10mm, the valve horizontal and vertical deviation less than 0.5 / 1000.
6, the valve base and the base plate gap combination with 0.05mm feeler gauge can not pass inspection, allowing partial clearance, with not more than 0.10mm feeler inspection, the depth of not more than 1/3 of the combined width, the total length does not exceed the circumference 20%.
7, the valve is installed, at least one end of the flange connected to the pipe can be freely scalable, not allowed to be fixed at both ends of the flange, and then by the valve to tighten the bolt to eliminate the gap between the valve and the pipe, flange connection bolts firmly , Thread exposed length of 2 to 4 teeth.
8, Flanged valves and pipe flanges on both sides of the connection must be parallel, coaxial, alternating symmetrical fastening fastening flange bolts.
9, check all parts of the valve screw (bolt) are evenly tightened, check the packing gland is evenly pressed packing, but not
Hinder stem movement.
10, manual valve actuator to make the necessary adjustments, so that the opening and closing operation flexible, action in place, no card bit, indicating accurate, over torque protection mechanism sensitive and reliable.