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Three-Dimensional Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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Stem axis at the same time deviate from the center of the disc and the body center, and the valve seat axis of rotation axis and the valve body has a certain angle, known as the three eccentric butterfly valve.
Three eccentric butterfly valve

Three eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in many field. Such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemicals, as well as plumbing and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines, for regulating the flow and breaking the fluid to use.

The main features are:
I.safe and stable
II.Unfair to leak
III.high density

Three eccentric butterfly valve can used in many medium,which include fluid water air and so on.
product Three eccentric butterfly valve application metallurgy, electric power, petrochemicals
Caliber specifications DN50-3000 proper temperature X<100.F<200.H<350
features safe and stable